Monday, January 10, 2011

Lead up to the Holidays

I've ignored my dear blog for far too long not because nothing interesting was happening, but to the contrary because all kinds of wonderful things were happening!

Thor and Jennie hosted another incredibly awesome Halloween party complete with sweetly spooky decorations, genuine American pumpkin carving kits, a scary movie and of course, food! I got into the spirit with a Halloween headband and prepared a colorful candy bark with chocolate, Reece's, M&Ms and other goodies. Highlights include Mike and Laura's costumes (Popsicle stick masks of Mark Zuckerberg and trivia host extraordinaire Mike Blades) and Jennie's gf chicken tenders and scones (my friends spoil me).

Of course it wouldn't be November without a photo-filled wander through Sculptures by the Sea. After this, my third time attending the annual art event, I've determined that the best sculptures are not those that are inherently coolest, but those that use their allocated coastal space best. Everyone (including us) wanted photos with giant yellow letters reading 'OMG,' but I preferred this rusty camel on the cliff. It's interesting to see her outside the context of an ocean of desert sand and instead against the backdrop of a well, actual ocean.

Another November highlight was our trip to Taronga Zoo to check in with some of the world's cutest animals ever born in captivity: baby elephants Pathi Harn (aka Mr Shuffles) and Tukta. Mickey and I hadn't been to Taronga Zoo since we first arrived in Australia almost three years ago and it turns out that the Sunday of our visit was an ideal day. A small misting of rain minimized the crowds and Tukta was then just one month old and terribly little and cute! She hung by her mama's side, but Mr Shuffles entertained us by playing with old tires. He was so pleased with himself when he managed to get all four legs on a tire and stand just a bit taller. Anyway, Taronga's elephants are adorable and I highly recommend seeing them while they're still young and goofy.

Check back soon for more holiday posts.

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