Sunday, October 30, 2005

Hollow ween

Though I do not dress up for Halloween anymore or go trick or treating, I have kept up with the tradition of carving pumpkins. It is a psuedo-art. One year I felt especially ambitious (and especially fond of Gwen Stefani) and carved the words, 'No Doubt' into a pumpkin.

Anyway, my artistically inclined friend, Leah, came over to carve a pumpkin with me. It was her job to pick up the pumpkin at Safeway, but she called from the store and said that they had no pumpkins left in stock. I was disappointed until she called back only minutes later to say that while Safeway was still out of pumpkins, they had plenty of Funkins, foam carvable pumpkins. I was curious and told her to bring this odd but potentially genius alternative.

Yeah, maybe the foam is kind of strange but at least there would be no mess and my house wouldn't smell like pumpkin for days. We carved the thing up in the shape of a cat and it worked out rather well. It even came with a pre-cut hole in the bottom for the candle. However, as I prepared to light the candle I notice a sticker on the bottom of the pumpkin warning the user about foam's flammability. I thought that was a little ironic, the pre-cut hole was not designed for a candle. Anyway, I ignored the warning and enjoyed my funkin.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Welcome to my Blog

Though I am not even really good at checking or responding to emails, I have signed up for a blog. (Is that what you do? Sign up for a blog?) Anyway, I have one and I can't make a promise to be funny or witty. I can promise, however, to include several references to pie and other types of desserts.

I felt proud and successful today because I solved a word puzzle from the NPR Sunday Puzzle with Will Shortz. You had to begin with the word 'eli', add three letters to the front, reverse these three letters and add them to the back and you end up with a two word phrase. I came up with the second part, 'limit' first and Mickey supplied the first part, 'time.' So the answer was 'time limit.' Too bad we were a week too late.