Wednesday, December 13, 2006

C ons and Pros

Yes, we have already made the decision IN FAVOR of moving to Switzerland, but making lists is delicious so indulge me...

Here are the Cons and Pros of moving to Switzerland. It cannot be Pros and Cons because I need to end on a positive note. :)

Con: Leaving home Pro: Embarking on a new journey with my love
Con: Being away from friends Pro: Friends travelling to Europe to see us
Con: Taking care of two small children Pro: Taking care of two small children
Con: Swiss women couldn't vote until the 1970's Pro: I could call myself a 'Swiss Miss'
(Yes, I know that one was awful).
Con: Leaving the home of the burger Pro: Moving to the home of chocolate and cheese
Con: Goodbye ethnic food Pro: Hello sausage and bier
Con: No elevators, not even if you live on the fifth floor Pro: toned legs
Con: No lounging by the Villagio pool Pro: Upgrade to a two bedroom place
Con: Making car payments but not driving Trixie Pro: A year of no parkin' and pollutin'
Con: Snow Pro: Snow
Con: Learning German when people actually speak Swiss German
Pro: Most people speak English anyway
Con: No more all gourmet, all organic, on-demand Google food
Pro: Learning how to cook
Con: Earning very little money Pro: Putting off finding a real job for another year
Con: Date night (dinner and a movie) costs around $150
Pro: Date night (holding hands while walking along Lake Zurich) is priceless
Con: no Loehmann's Pro: Milan is four hours away by train