Sunday, November 13, 2005

Lost in Translation

It's decided; you can't be sarcastic on paper. The message taped on the mirror in the ladies' lockeroom at my local YMCA is the case in point. What I gathered after reading the message several times is that someone stole money and jewelry from someone else's locker. I understand that this must have been a serious pain in the ass and I feel for the person who lost their stuff. However, they wrote a stupid message to the thief, dripping so heavily in sarcasm that it barely made sense. It went something like this:

To the person who stole my stuff,
Thank you so much for stealing my money and messing with my credit cards. Thank you also for stealing my jewelry. You never know what jewelry means to someone. God bless you!

Because of all these 'thank you's' and the 'god bless you' at the end it was barely comprehensible. I think the victim would have been better off writing a nasty letter with real swear words to the theif. Afterall, statistics show that most criminals are not very bright and I think that the sarcasm would be lost on them.

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